for sale

I only like myself
when the dark gray watercolor
hits and overcomes
the lighter gray
in a wave
I step back
and admire the beauty
of chance


does this make me look like a child

french painter
unknown it girl
with her studio just around the corner
carefully examines herself in a
wool red jacket
structured, bright, and elegant
she talks about how it’s hard
to find a dry cleaner she can trust
she used to have a red jacket like this one
which was her favorite jacket
until they burned it
claims to not be in a hurry


don’t believe everything that you read on the internet
/ don’t believe everything that you think
the belief that someone is in love with you
with no evidence
the proof, created
manifested by the sufferer,
molded out of the darkest
earthiest clay
with hope and bright eyes
in the after hours of prolonged obsessive thoughts
continuing to repeat that certain glance
to the point that it transforms
into the scene where
finally, finally, ‘the one’
he’s in love
he says it from far away,
whispers it to the other person
he’s standing next to the lighthouse,
I can see him clearly
created meticulously as if it were
a fine arts painting
with each stroke
a glance that said it all
the telepathic message,
that may have just been misheard words in a noisy kitchen
and an aversion to the non-euphoric

marble plate

sit still in this circle
act dead
but pay attention
while we each take out turn

the right side of my face
seems to be magnetic
he floats to the corner of it
where my cheek meets my eye

from the inner to the outer
colored orange and magenta
with so much tripping

keep quiet,
listen to the one who says the most
in a linear way
non-reciprocated language
music in the periphery

on my behalf

Maybe we can sit down for
a black coffee and
chew on a baguette in a park
this winter

When we me make eye contact again,
I do not want it to seem
like I thought about
You everyday everywhere

but simply thought about you
in that moment, the week prior,
here and there

Well only if you
thought of me,
then I will let
that information flow out of
eyes (that I hope you dreamt about)

Que the butterflies out of the chest,
and a kiss under fluorescent lighting