on paper

my head feels like it’s
1000 feet ahead of me
and my lungs are in my stomach
bottom lip quivering exposing the
longest row of teeth
approach me with your flower shirt
indie rom-com​
coffee and pins


full belly

Early autumn in a heated room, with the windows open it hovers above me
words float through it with a thick line of dark green, a cycle, pattern, rich and steady
but going nowhere, escaping the pattern, attempting to on the other side,
a closing, a reoccurrence of something that happened a year ago,
repeating, repeating on the gravel now while pressing firmly against the wet leaves,
It’s brighter in this moment, almost like a childhood memory
Saturday morning with dad kind of light with a dark green coat
heating through another, heating by standing temporarily near a campfire,
the dark green touches that too
It is early fall but it feels historic, walking through the path that’s comfortable
but ever so slightly skewed through round framed glasses, looking at a man who with drunken encounters have only occurred
Greet and wave shyly, grasp words, attach, pull, and find nothing to give
but loose sentences and hairs on a worn in dark green sweater, let us talk later when everything has shed
His eyes are in focus and then shift towards the left


meeting someone, but still thinking about someone is
usually how it goes
someone ends
for something to start
a crashing of a glass
tomatoes being flung,
a tongue both playful
and panoramic
honey and roses
a breath
on a top of a tower that
you could live in


She looks like she’s floating,
real love,
sure i’ll take a hug
or any other thing you could offer,
because I
am hopeless,
and in love,
with someone
but i don’t know who.
it may have been that guy the one who claims to
read my mind \

it may be in that nest
that I looked at in the the tree above you
it may have been in the sea
green glass
or in my wild
and high

mostly in delusion

Spewing things out of my mouth,
shit that I don’t mean, in response
for a response,
I see that guy and I can’t pinpoint
the reason that he looks different
distant, a person
that I have never met before,

I eat the salmon that ruins the vegetarianism,
look up at the sky
remember to look outward,

He looks different because he shaved his beard
I refer to him as that guy
because I have been hurt by him
don’t want to admit to myself
how deeply in love with
that guy
I still.. I am

I am, I am,
he doesn’t look up once