except no

I’m worrying about my car breaking down
a rainy day,
my laptop failing,
not having enough money to pay rent,
for the apartment that I have yet to move into
should I really waste money on this bowl,
spoon, cacao powder
I have plans of making vegan chocolates
filled with angst

Manically rushing to a quiet space, a library
I ran into a mom that
after such a short interaction with
I feel close to
Someone wants to go for a run
with me
I am already missing this feeling
buzzing dragonfly
falling into a placid lake
transparent wings in tact

sucking at french

There is no second guessing
the you
the bruises,
cuts, and scrapes
acquired through a job we both hold
Especially the one my left hand
between my thumb and index finger
A reverse punch \
I think the reason that I am questioning
pointing out
the slightest of cracks
slivers of a gray light
is because that is what got me through it before
It being a ,
whatever I don’t need you


holding a knife, a trigger
responsibility in one hand,
with too much thinking,
and obsessive thoughts

three white moths
for intertwining
the well grown lavender

comfort my mind full of
birds trying to fly through a window
by drying off in the sun

let the breeze
into the soft
and stop coughing