warm and fuzzy intervals

Mother nature is taking its toll
crumpling the paper
and turning it into sprouts
to this pen
hang on the edge

I just want to lay face down
on the wet grass
my mind is full of delusions,
and there is no proof of the love,
or a continuation,
or any resolution
a reunion of the same

confused feelings

I push you from my mind,
only to still feel you in the room


make it into a candle

I think we’re in love
because I sleep too much
and he is an insomniac,

I dose off like a junkie on car rides,
sleep for 12 hours straight
without an alarm

It’s pheromones,

no it’s the smell of
walking into a home
during dinner time,
natures nectar,
the trees, the earth,
a light vanilla scent,

a blanket that has been sunbathing for a few days
and rained on
on once

someone, she looks free

I’m sorry for everything
I think,

to forgive, I must say i’m sorry
i’m sorry for having felt that way
it still hurts and I’m holding onto it
while whispering into my palms

By saying sorry
it will go away, float on,

there has been some noticeable progress,
not outward but
my tolerance,
my pain threshold,
Those have definitely expanded

someone commented on
my eyes being full,
it’s late july

unsteady flower drawings

A mood within a mood
on a plate of noodles covered in
siracha, to feel something

soy milk for my coffee
that I smell every time
because of one spoiled experience

I sit in the same spot
for a certain person
to gaze at me
through a small window
within a wooden swing door

They don’t look in my direction,but
at the empty seat in front of me


aware of what my face looks like
and how my persona feels different
with straightened hair,
crazy contained
within frizzless follicles

I think i’ll just put myself
on a pedestal
to admire
and adore
feeding myself with attention
to be seen but alone,

Eating fast and being triggered
by thinking
that I saw a women
who was apart of a duo

the probable cause
of my twitching left arm

fake forest green

I want to talk about how I am feeling
to no longer feel it
to disburse into the world
the space in front of me
but when asked why I am feeling that way
a confusion, loss of words, writing it out will
help me better understand why I panic at 1
drink at 2, burst out of my skin
While trying to hold myself in
Patching the holes
feel at ease for a few seconds in between
it’s love, in an anxious way
wave of love

I’m depressed but don’t
feel it anymore
when it’s repeated back to me

I need a new band aid for this wound,
my skin has become wrinkled

worse with
a covering over it
Let it breathe
Don’t go on facebook